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Intuitive Distance Reiki Sessions

Supporting you with Reiki Energy in the comfort of your own home.

One of the great things about Reiki, is that it is not restricted by distance. Reiki can be sent anywhere in the world and is just as effective as if you were on my treatment table in person. Neat, huh? It really is perfect for where we are right now with social distancing and for those who are not yet comfortable with getting together in person - and, also perfect for those of you living out of town and wanting to work with me.

I am able to help support you in your home, from my home. If you are unfamiliar with Reiki and would like to know how it may support you, then go here . . .

What is Reiki?

Here's how the Sessions work:

These sessions are 90 min. -2 hrs. in length. Cost - $95 ( includes a custom flower essence blend )


- We set up a day and time for our appointment ( we can figure that out via email ), and then when it’s our appointment time, I give you a call and we talk for a bit. This "talking time" will help me to get an assessment of where you are at, what you are needing, and how I may support you. Then, I send you distance Reiki while you make yourself comfortable at home.

After Reiki, I will call you and we'll talk about any imbalances that I felt, and/or intuitive information that I received. Then, I may offer recommendations of what might be helpful besides Reiki, to further support bringing you back into balance.

I am accepting payment through Square - you will need to relay your credit card info to me via phone at the beginning of our session and I will manually put it into my Square. It’s very secure, so no worries. 

If this sounds like it will provide you with the support you need right now, then contact me and we can figure out an appointment time that’s convenient for both of us. 

Mary Ellen Zang


[email protected]