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Botanical Reiki

Botanical Reiki? What's That?

Well, I’m excited to tell you! It is a session that is close to my heart, being an herbalist and the flower lover that I am. I really wanted to create a Reiki session that is not only incredibly relaxing, but also a total sensory experience to boot! The focus with these sessions is to create a truly beautiful and nurturing atmosphere through using the healing energies of: 



(fresh flowers & dried plant material)


Flower Essences

Rose Water


Compared to my other sessions, this one is not about working on deeper or more complex issues - (my Intuitive Reiki sessions and my other consultation sessions are for more in-depth healing work). The Botanical Reiki sessions are energetically light sessions that help to uplift your spirit, balance your energy, nourish your nervous system, relax your whole body and mind, and totally delight your senses.

Along with a full Reiki treatment, this session also includes:


-A treatment table covered in fresh and dried flowers, so your experience with Reiki is under a blanket of flowers and their uplifting energy!

~ Aromatherapy to relax and delight your spirit.

~ Beginning and ending the session by misting your body and aura with a vibrationally uplifting flower essence infused rose water spritz.

~ Dried and fresh botanicals + crystals are incorporated into the session for added plant and crystal healing energies (crystals are placed on the main chakra centers of the body). Since the botanicals are used during the Reiki treatment, they are infused with not only Reiki & crystal energies, but with your energy as well. Dried botanicals of red rose petals, pink rose buds, lavender, and one small rose quartz crystal are in an organza bag that you get to take home as a gift to use for further healing as you choose.

~ To end the Reiki treatment, I massage and anoint your feet with a plant infused massage oil that helps to root your being back to the here and now. You will leave feeling deeply grounded so that you may go about your day with ease!

The session ends with you pulling an oracle card so that you may receive a message that sends you off with a positive healing affirmation for you to reflect on.

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